Foot and ankle surgeons treat a wide variety of common podiatric maladies. Many of these problems can be handled with conservative treatment options to include: footwear modifications, orthotics, palliative debridements, prescriptive medicines, to include topical and oral. Many problems respond very well to physical therapy and rehabilitation. Our physicians pride themselves in exhausting all aspects of conservative care before suggesting surgical options.

The New Mexico Foot and Ankle Institute treats all aspects of foot and ankle pathology including diabetic foot and wound care, structural deformities such as hammertoes, bunions, and flat feet. All aspects of skin and nail problems to include athletes foot, corns, warts, and cysts or other soft tissue lesions. All forms of foot and ankle trauma, foot and ankle fractures, sprains, and lacerations.

The physicians at the Institute are also trained in pediatric foot deformities both congenital and acquired. Our physicians also specialize in sports medicine and use orthotics to manage many complex problems that would otherwise require surgery. Our physicians are trained in complex reconstructive and salvage procedures of the foot and ankle.