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 “I got the MLS Laser treatment package and it dramatically released swelling and pain.  Even during the first week, highly recommend for those undergoing bunion surgery as a way to reduce recovery time and facilitate healing.” Wendy 6/21/18

“Wonderful – called for an appointment and staff was very accommodating!  Pleasant staff.  Very attentive to detail.  Got it done quickly!!” Kell 6/19/18

“I had a problem again, they gave me an MRI, and was operated again, Dr. Ward done everything right just not enough cutting and removing, I do thank Dr. Ward for everything.  All of you there are great and I thank all of you.  This was done 3 weeks ago so I haven’t tried out my foot.” Sammy 6/4/18

“It was excellent and informative.  You all just are helpful and kind.  So thanks for all you help.” Patricia 5/29/18

“Excellent for our family.  A product was recommended for callouses and our feet look pretty good.” Jacquelyn 5/25/18

“Dr. Ivey is great!” Another Adoring Patient 5/23/18

“Very nice!  I love this doctors office.  Very professional and compassionate.” Pete 5/23/18

“Awesome, we love Dr. Tenny and all of the staff!  You guys are the BEST!!”
Mr. and Mrs. Pino 5/14/18

“Perfect! Love this place❤” Susie 5/8/18

“Always great experience with Dr. Ivey and his staff.  Vert patient, and caring.  Thank you for everything you have done for me Dr Ivey.  See you in 6 months.” Pauli 5/8/18

“Excellent kind staff and knowledgeable doctor! ‘ Happy Patient 5/8/18

“It was awesome and great, like always!!  We love Dr. Tenny and his staff.” Tammy and Carlos 4/9/18

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